“…and here’s where you start paying. In sweat.”

The schedule I’ve set myself for getting ready for these daft races this year is reasonably punishing but when I’m enjoying the views near Verbier (instead of crying into my bibshorts) it’ll be worth it.

Monday – 30K SS ride or hill intervals

Tuesday – 1 hour run (am) 90 mins turbo session (pm)

Wednesday – long 5 hour ride

Thursday – 1 hour run (am) 90 mins turbo session (pm) – early bedtime!

Friday – easy 1.5 hour recovery ride before work

Saturday – rest

Sunday – long road or MTB ride, alternatively long hilly run – early morning, back before brekky.

There’s the usual irregular schedule of group rides, such as the Industrial Fell Biking trip up and over the Garburn TWICE (to find out which is the best way to ride it) in February.

I’ll be squeezing in a couple of sessions a week on the rower at work and I might even pick up some weights after my morning runs, especially when I increase the training intensity around Easter. The turbo is really handy too as it allows me a really tough session without leaving the house and therefore allows me to spend time with Deb and Rachael. It has to be said though that you simply can’t take part or train for serious events such as the Cristalp without the complete support of your family. Last night I left the house after 7, just as Rachael was going to bed. Got in just after 10 and Deb made me a toastie. How good is that? No Rocky Balboa raw egg smoothies for me. No Sir.

5 thoughts on ““…and here’s where you start paying. In sweat.”

  1. oh, and as Gaz has pointed out, every 3rd week is an easy one. And the schedule leaves some room for a bit of “slacking”.


  2. Ee, steady on cocker. Tha’ll be deed afore tha gets theer at yon rate!

    My 20 minute runs in the gym a couple of times a week and a road pootle with Dave are looking a bit sick now! Still us owd lads have to build up momentum,eh!

  3. I’ve yet to complete a full week of this, and the “easy week” every third week will come in really handy.

  4. I’m hoping so. Not ridden off road with it yet but it should be ok. It’s been that long since I’ve been biking on a Wed night that I’m starting to forget what John looks like. See there’s always a silver lining, eh!

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