On Rooley Moor Baht ‘At


According to the thermometer in the car on the way home from work, it was 31 degrees yesterday. I drove down the M66 through a scary-looking thunderstorm whilst tentatively pootling along the flooded carriageway at 30mph. Not looking good for a big training ride tonight, I thought. Maybe I should go for a run and avoid getting soaked/struck by lightning.

It soon cleared up though, leaving behind blue skies and rapidly increasing temperatures again. By the time I left the house at 7:30pm it was still hot and very sticky and within a mile or so I was pouring with sweat, every climb inducing a gallon of fluid to pour from my head onto my top tube.

Once I arrived at Rooley Moor Road and started the ascent up the cobbled bridleway, I immediately removed my helmet and strapped it to my rucksack. I can’t remember the last time I rode without my lid on but last night was exceptional circumstances. It felt quite liberating, a bit like riding for the first time without a hydration pack. Anyhow, once at the top I put the soaking smelly helmet back on and rode down the trail into Stacksteads, along the road then did a lap of Lee Quarry. It had gone 9 by this point so I had the place to myself I think. The dry conditions made the gravelly surface VERY sketchy – it’s going to be fun (in a comedy grazed-elbow sense) for those racing there this weekend!

Rode back through Ramsbottom, got home at 11:30. Main HID light packed in at 10:15. Good job I carry a spare LED 🙂

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  1. A wonderful picture and description evoking memories of evening rides that I just don’t get to do since the arrival of my son. How do you get the time to go out?

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