hello. me again.

Well that cold knocked me for six. Perhaps even knocked me for twelve.

I’ve not done anything at all for a few days, and it appears to have cleared up.

So that’s why it’s been quiet ‘round ere.

I’ve got a duathlon to do a week on Sunday, so the timing of this “interlude” is pretty poor, but hey ho. It’s not like it’s on telly or anything.

5 thoughts on “hello. me again.

  1. Maybe your body was trying to tell you something. Like have a rest! Consider it part of your tapering.

  2. Yeh, I’ve been taking it “relatively” easy this week.
    Got a big ride planned tomorrow with a couple of fast lads though, so hopefully it’s done me some good.
    Easyish week next week too cos I’ve the Greetland Duathlon next Sunday (sounds glamorous eh?)

  3. Well I’ve heard Mr Nopies is a bit nippy and I have to time my rides with you to conicide with your niggly injuries… 😉

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