Made it at last!

Met up with Phil last night near to the Lee Quarry MTB trails. I rode up there from home and was late (again), but at least it forced me to ride like a nutcase for an hour. We managed to get up to the quarry before it went completely dark and rode about half of it whilst “oooohing” and “ahhhing” and “YAYing”. They’re not finished yet but they’re definitely rideable and you can really get a feel for the nature of the place. The trails are actually a lot more severe than we were expecting – the black sections are downright bloody scary in fact. Very narrow boulders on a hillside with a 40 foot drop to the left. Eeek. Other than that, there’s loads of fast swoopy singletrack, berms and Dalbeattie-style “big boulders in a row”. All good stuff. Better than my attempt at low-light photography anyway.

I had this afternoon off work so we went out for a coffee earlier and a browse of a bookshop. It was fun, pondering which Mr Man books to buy. Then I went out for another training ride. I had 4 hours and a bit so decided to ride some trails I’d not been near for years. It was mostly ace, apart from the nettle hell bit. I think I’ve finally got the air pressures of the fork and shock right now though.  I came back via Nob End  – the name of the place still makes me snigger even at the age of 36 😉

Despite all my efforts, that’s still only 70 miles in total for both rides. I’m carrying this on for the next few days then resting up for Mayhem.