where’s me jumper?

I’ve been digging out and dusting off the soft shell jacket, the windproof jacket, the fleece skull cap, the waterproof Goretex gloves and the overshoes. It’s cold now, not quite cold enough for the winter boots yet but it’s going to snow this week so perhaps I should empty the dead spiders out of those too. I actually got numb fingers and toes when I went for a ride yesterday. I’d almost forgot how painful that can be.

I managed to fit in a fair bit of riding last week and I’ve got a good plan this week too. Today’s ride started this afternoon after I’d been stuck in the house all day and the weather was looking pretty good, chilly and blue skies – perfect. No sooner had I clipped into the pedals though and the heavens opened and I was soaked by the time I’d got to the end of our road. Bah. I carried on as I really wanted to ride a “new” trail again that I’d found last week. Unusually for round here, it’s quite twisty, very rocky (well, not “rocky” as such, more like large chunks of an old stone building that got bombed by the Luftwaffe or something. Perhaps) and a stark contrast to the regular mud and trees stuff. It’s ace but for now it’s a secret.