the sportive that never was

The “Christmas Cracker” Sportive was cancelled today due to The Ice That Just Will Not Melt ™. It’s everywhere around here, so one can assume riding a road bike in the Lake District would be suicidal at the moment. Plan B was a road ride locally with Nick (who I was going to ride in the Lakes with), but I didn’t fancy that either this morning so made a phone call and took the singlespeed (my only working mountain bike) out for a few hours.

There’s ice all over the place off-road as well. It’s a bloody nightmare. I’ve already lost a good few teeth in my life so far and I’m in no mood for losing more, plus to add to the fun the star nut on my fork decided to pull clean out of the steerer tube after I stopped to tighten it. That’ll explain why that “crap” Chris King headset never stayed tight then. So I bimbled home after a couple of hours, headset rattling away. Lovely weather though.

The ice looks like it’s finally starting to thaw. I’ll go out for a run in the morning with the dog. If he lands on his arse I’ll grumble some more about it after I’ve finished laughing.