right. that’s it.

I can’t remember the ice being this bad last winter. Offroad last night was almost suicidal and riding on the road had its moments. When I say “moments” I mean the kind when you’re tanking along and all of a sudden the tyres fall silent. There’s a glitteryness about the tarmac and one’s bottom clenches. I didn’t fall off thankfully but I ended up with very little confidence, not enough to ride properly anyway. It’s just not fun.
Still, I managed a 30 mile loop so that wasn’t a complete waste, although I was probably being so careful at times that a lot of those miles were “junk miles” where I simply wasn’t working hard enough for there to be any training effect at all.
I got home and my gloves were frozen to the hoods and I had an almighty Ice Cream Headache.
I think I’ll concentrate on running for the time being.

3 thoughts on “right. that’s it.

  1. it’s just daft out isn’t it?

    i decided to call it a day yesterday while out on the road bike, when i got sprayed by a gritter lorry travelling the other way…

    if only the turbo trainer wasn’t so bloody boring

  2. I thought the very same about Junk Miles today when I was out, I was going as fast as I dare on some parts and just thought ‘what’s the point, this isn’t enjoyable at all’

    and: last winter there was no ice until Late Feb. we need to start polluting more, the weather was better then.

  3. This winter is a lot colder, I don’t remember there being more than the odd patch of ice last winter. This year I seem to find big sheets of ice constantly!

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