wot no biscuits?

Andrew and I attended a meeting last night hosted by British Cycling, held at the Velodrome. We had to sit on the table with the coffee machine which was a bit uncomfortable after a bit but it was a pretty interesting session.

The aim is to establish a mountain bike racing series in the North of England and to promote some cooperation between race organisers. There’s some really interesting stuff in the pipeline already – regular races at Lee Quarry from April 09, some interesting stuff regarding quarries up in the hills that could be used for racing (a bloke who had the contacts for using the quarries and another bloke with the ideas but no venue was a match made in heaven) and loads of other great ideas including some demystifying of kids racing and availability of training for people like us who pretty much make it up as we go along.

I’ve always wanted to see kids racing on the course that we use for Hit The North (well some of it anyway) and it seems that there’s no need to worry about it. Just line ‘em up and shout GO!

Chipps is also resurrecting cyclocross racing in Todmorden early in the New Year. I know this cos he handed me a flyer. That’s going to be ace. I’ve already worked out a corking route to it 😉

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  1. Did anyone from my end attend? THere was a DH race in marple recently (organised via BC) and the chap was on about a series this year and perhgaps more venues. I won’t race myself, but drinking beer and taking photos is just as enjoyable, honest

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