it’s been hectic

Friday was the Singletrack awards/Christmas party. After we found the restaurant we were treated to some lovely food, albeit brought to our table from a far-off land. I assumed it was being carried from far away on horseback judging by the amount of elapsed time between courses anyway.
We didn’t win the award for best event of 2008, but we each received a runners-up Singletrack hipflask, which was very generous of Chipps and co.

5 am the morning after and me, Deb and the kids flew off to Paris for a weekend at Disneyland. Ace. Hideously expensive and rude chainsmoking French folk invading our space but good fun. Rachael’s just at the right age now where she’s quite literally gobsmacked by the antics of the “real” Tigger/Pluto/Mickey.

Whilst we were away, Hit the North 1.5 SOLD OUT. 5 days since we opened the entry we closed it again. Mental. Pleasingly, there seems to be a good mix of road club riders and mountain bikers on the start list, so the marketing we did via British Cycling and the North West Cyclocross Asscociation websites really paid off. Perhaps we’re building a bit of a reputation too…?

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