Hit the North 2. We’re off….

We’ve got a course sorted. I’ve been making lines in my head all week after a couple of rides around various bits last weekend and up until this afternoon it had started to really peck at me. A couple of bits are needed for various silly reasons – reasons I’m not going into here as I’d be giving too much away before the men in suits have said ‘yay’, but the problem last week was stuff like…’if we include this bit we’ll have 2 way traffic there so we’ll need to go up that bit to avoid a crash but that might be too horrible and if it rains that other bit will be hell on earth…etc’. It’s now all crystal clear though. All of the ace bits are in, chicken runs are there if we need them and we can even accomodate the rain if we’re unlucky with the weather.

I can also reveal that there are a few really tough uphill bits again but this time the altitude is being lost a lot more quickly than usual. Some of the course has been used before but most of it will be new. Some of it isn’t even built yet (yes, I said NOT BUILT YET).

It’ll rock, like it always seems to do.

You’ll see it soon anyway, if not on one of our now-customary preview/coffee rides you’ll see it on the day, that’s if you can get your entry in quick enough. 

Cycling history and DIY Culture hits North Manchester again on the 17th July. Racing will last for 8 hours, you can do it on your own or in a team with your mates. the party will kick off just after last man rides back to his tent.

2 thoughts on “Hit the North 2. We’re off….

  1. Ooooh tempting, but…
    “if it rains that other bit will be hell on earth” when has that ever stopped you?
    “Racing will last for 8 hours” isn’t that 4 hours short?


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