‘it’ll be reet’

With less than 6 weeks to go until UK24, the time for the ‘final push’ has arrived. Training up until now has frequently been ‘patchy’ – there has often been something,  a reason to shorten or worse, abandon a planned session or ride…a cold, a broken bike, a late night, bad weather…discipline has definitely started to slip! At times things have been so disorganised, inconsistent and random that I’ve considered focussing on Mountain Mayhem (a month after UK24) instead and treating UK24 as some kind of hardcore ultra-tough training exercise. I am however acutely aware that I ALWAYS feel like this 5 or 6 weeks before a big race. So I’m ignoring it and cracking on.

On the plus side, I’ve done some hard riding without the risk over overtraining, I’ve been looking after myself (I’ve even been having regular massage), I’ve at least maintained my fitness levels since the Strathpuffer and I’m feeling nicely motivated for the next few weeks of long, hard training rides and hard-earned recovery. The kind of rides that start off hard then get progressively harder 😉

I also promise to take more photos and blog more over the coming weeks!

2 thoughts on “‘it’ll be reet’

  1. (Slightly) undertrained and eager is far better than overtrained and jaded!

    4 hard weeks to toughen up the endurance you’ve already got, then ease off into race week. Job’s a good un.
    (I hope!)

  2. aye. It’ll be fine. I’m probably in better shape now that I was before the ‘puffer in reality. Just short of a few rides that exceed 4 hours. I have done a lot of 4 hour rides though 😉

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