24 Hours of Exposure – Now we’re ready

Food, check. Clothes, check. Two pairs of shoes, check. Caravan (!), check. A variety of tyres and some spare wheels, check. Two race-worthy rigid 29ers, check. Two sets of lights, check. One new set of Ragley stickers for the TD:1, check….and about a MILLION other things that are now packed and ready. A load of it is travelling up separately in the van with Phil who’s very kindly giving up his entire weekend to provide race (and probably a bit of emotional) support, leaving Deb free to do important things such as checking the kids don’t run off 😉

1 thought on “24 Hours of Exposure – Now we’re ready

  1. Ooow very nice.
    I’m still desperatly trying to get gears onto my 29er. At the moment it isn’t happening.

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