Betws-Y-Coed – happy hols

I needed a holiday. I only discovered how much I needed some time off once I was actually off work when I could almost feel my sanity and well-being return after a particularly hard summer of racing, training and a really busy time at work. It was one of the best family holidays we’ve ever had. Loads of ace adventures, laughs and not too many rainy days to dampen our spirits (and a good job because when it rains the caravan roof appears to leak a bit – out with the mastic gun…).

We took a bike each, me, Deb and Michael and we also took the trailer so that the girls could lord it in that whilst I ‘powered’ them up some Snowdonian forest roads.

We went to the summit of Snowdon too, again using the trailer with the ‘stroller’ attachment. Unsurprisingly it was really hard work pushing 2 children in what was effectively a big-wheeled double pushchair all the way to the top and then back down again but I did get a fair amount of ‘fair play’ and ‘well done’ comments from other walkers which was nice. Not too many called me an idiot anyway 😉

Aside from that, I also got some nice training rides in, both Penmachno loops and the Marin trail were scorched around in the early mornings so that I was back in time for a bacon-based breakfast. I also discovered that whilst out running, wet slate needs to be treated with respect (ow!).

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  1. Second the comment about wet slate! But wearing jeans on a mountain!!!!! – the ramblers will be after you 🙂

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