putting it all together

Following a brief low-point around 12 Hours Of Exposure – which included an unspectacular result and a bout of illness – things picked up with my preparation for the 24 hour solo World’s, now less than three weeks away.

I’ve managed to put that frustrating couple of weeks behind me and I’ve had a satisfying couple of big training weeks and followed the plan. The next week-and-a-bit are pretty heavy but I’m doing ok. Fitting it in. Feeling good.

Have I done enough? I think so. As much as I can anyway. In spite of seemingly relentless bad weather I’m still motivated – probably motivated by the thought of riding somewhere warm and sunny (I hope).

“Fitting it in” was the theme of an article in the latest Singletrack magazine, focussing on those riders who have to fit in several conflicting schedules – training/exercise/racing, family and work – and the slightly strange but thoroughly rewarding routine of training early. Very early.

Me and Phil met Chipps on Rooley Moor one clear (and dark) morning a couple of weeks ago, photos were taken, bikes were ridden and “why’s and how’s” were explained. The sun came up, more photos were taken and Real Life took over, as it does week in, week out.

The piece is ace and the photos are lovely.

This one’s going on the wall….

Things are starting to slot into place now for the race. The new bike is (almost) ready. The spare bike is (almost) ready. Car hire is booked. Bikes are booked on the flights. 2Pure have sent another shedload of Clif nutrition gear to keep the legs turning. Ant has sent over some crazy-light Mt Zoom parts to combat gravity and while there’s a bit of prep still to do (including a hard block of training to complete), the fog has lifted and the focus is now completely on That Race….