Holiday snaps

Not being a big fan of beach holidays (or sitting by the pool holidays), I planned to take my road bike with us for our week in Southern Spain. Once I realised that Ryanair charge 50 quid EACH WAY for a bike, I looked into other options. Luckily I was able to hire a carbon road bike from Murcia Bike Hire for a few days – it was cheaper than taking mine over, I wouldn’t have to worry about baggage handlers trashing it and we wouldn’t have any problems transporting a massive bike bag through the airport and into a small hire car…

After a couple of days of lounging around and getting a tan, I got bored but the bike arrived in the nick of time and I got the map out. Heading inland, I soon found the hills and wiggly roads. A welcome change to the pathetic British summer of 2012, the weather was dry and even at 7 in the morning, it was lovely and warm. The roads weren’t covered in massive holes either. As I got used to the local geography, each day I’d ride a bit further until I finally put in a mini-epic and climbed some of the mountains I could see on the horizon from the apartment balcony.


After a few hours on the bike, the heat started to become a bit much so I headed back to the apartment and resumed my position on the sun lounger/in the swimming pool. This routine lasted for a few days then the bike went back, which was a sad moment.

For the first time ever, We holidayed in Spain and I came back leaner and perhaps a little bit fitter. Riding somewhere new and exciting has worked wonders for my rain-depleted enthusiasm and also my cyclist tanlines 😉

Many thanks to Andy from Murcia Bike Hire for dropping off and picking up the bike for free and for being understanding and flexible after I cocked up the dates on the booking 😉

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