Craft Performance Bike Tour Jersey

When I received this lovely, white, short-sleeved and well-vented cycling jersey from ProBikeKit to review in the middle of winter I wondered how I was going to manage to do a proper job of it. A big ride would be the best way to test it I thought, and luckily I had one planned.

Unfortunately the ‘big ride’ in question was the Strathpuffer 24 hour race, so to be honest I was worried about how well the jersey would cope both during and afterwards….


The race is sufficiently cold to warrant wearing a jacket for the duration but I didn’t need a base layer this time as the temperature was unseasonably mild.

The jersey in question is made by Craft, so I expected it to be a quality item. I’ve got a lot of Craft gear already and it’s all very, very good.

The Craft “Performance Bike Tour” jersey looks like a fairly-standard, snug-fitting cycling top with a few nice touches. The sleeves are cut at a slight angle so that the ‘outside’ doesn’t ride up and look like a sleeveless top (or one that’s just too small). There’s a nicely-placed mesh vent at the back of the neck – just where you want one in warm weather in fact.


There are the usual three pockets at the rear but one of them has a zip – so there’s somewhere to stash your keys and cake money.

There’s a full-length zip. I like full-length zips. I’m off for a ride somewhere hot and sunny in a few weeks so I’ll use the full-length zip quite a lot then.

So, I wore it at the Strathpuffer. For 24 hours I wore it. It didn’t chafe or rub or start to cause any unnecessary discomfort. I carried a tool, gels and some other stuff in the pockets and it didn’t get stretched. It was subjected to 24 hours’ worth of my sweat and toil. It got splashed with filthy mud a fair bit in the parts that were showing from under my jacket and then after all that it was dumped for hours and hours in a washing bag in the back of the van.

When I put it in the washing machine at 40 degrees with all the other almost-ruined kit I feared the worst. I thought that that lovely white top would be a murky beige colour from now on but surprisingly, it’s as good as new.


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