More stuff that survived the Strathpuffer – Mount Zoom components

Bikes are ace. Heavy bikes, not-so-heavy bikes, light bikes. All ace.

Very light bikes are very ace indeed.

Ok, I’ll do away with the repetitive ace-ness now. But I really like bikes that are very light because they go faster up hills. It’s as simple as that. They’re also easier for chucking over a farm gate when there’s a herd of menacing cows approaching, but anyway.

The problem is, when you go mad and replace all the parts of your already-light bike with parts that are even lighter, quite often you make the bike less fun to ride. And then it breaks.

Luckily, I’m helped in my own quest to make my light bike (bikes) even lighter by Mount Zoom components. Replacing the handlebars, jockey wheels, seatclamp, bottle cage, bar ends, wheel skewers and headset top cap for Mount Zoom ones might sound like fairly insignificant ways to lose some grams but add them all together and it’s actually quite a lot. And they don’t break. And they look cool.


There’s a load of different handlebars on offer – wide riser bars, wide flat bars, narrower flat bars. Bars that are ‘bar end friendly’. All of them carbon and all of them tough as old boots. I’ve not knackered mine anyway, and I’ve done thousands of miles on them.

One of my favourite components is the side-entry bottle cage. Also made of carbon, it solves the awkward problem of getting your water bottle in and out of the cage when there’s not much room in the frame by letting you ‘push’ it in and out from either side. It works and the bottle never falls out. Spot-on.

The wheel skewers are dead easy to use (in a hurry) and weigh less than any other skewer I’ve used.

In fact, it’s all good. Have a look!

Ant White is the man behind Mount Zoom and he knows a thing or two about lightweight kit and rides bikes hard enough to expose anything that’s not up to the job. If it’s good enough for Ant, it’s good enough for the rest of us 🙂