Craft clothing

I’m super-chuffed that Craft are very generously sponsoring my clothing needs for 2015. In fact, they’ve sent me a huge box of winter gear to see me through the remainder of 2014, too. Just in time really as I’m writing this in the middle of a Weather Bomb (I prefer the scientific term for this, but anyway).


I’ve been a fan of Craft stuff for years, spending my hard-earned on it as it’s brilliantly designed, well made and lasts. The fact that I’m regularly banging in 15 – 20 hour weeks on the bike, my clothes need to be good as nobody wants to see me riding around with my bum cheeks hanging out of worn-out shorts :-/

Some highlights in the box are – windproof tops, windproof bibtights, warm and windproof gloves, waterproof jackets…some summer stuff that will have to wait for a while yet…a brilliant hat that has a windproof panel on the front to avoid midwinter Ice Cream Headaches, socks, thermal jerseys, baselayers (regular and ‘Active Extreme’ with a Windstopper panel on the chest) and some proper heavy-duty not-messing-about waterproof “Siberian” overshoes.

“There’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing”, or something. Now I’ve no excuses not to go out in the middle of an Explosive Cyclogenesis