Kendal – it’s MINT.

It’s been a whole seven weeks since I last updated this blog – to be honest in that time there’s been very little to write about. Going to work, sleeping until 7:30am, eating to gain weight – I suppose I could make it sound interesting if I really tried but..well. It’s eating chips and drinking beer. It’s hardly the stuff of legend.

Things are starting to happen now though. As well as getting back into running again (I’ve got some running things planned for 2016 that I’d always said I’d never do, but I think I’ve had a road to Damascus moment… or something), I’ve been very gradually easing into “putting some hours in” on the bike. Good job as well, as I seem to be racing at the Strathpuffer again in January.

I’m not sure how committed I feel about the Strathpuffer this time, which can be a problem when faced with a six hour training ride in the driving sleet in mid-December but there you go. I’m on the list. It’ll be as fun as it normally is, which is always a surprise because it always sounds like it’s going to be horrible.


As well as the usual diet of short races, long races, big rides and early mornings, In 2016 I plan to get right out of my comfort zone – I can’t go into masses of detail just yet because nothing about 2016 is 100% definite, but plans are getting there and in any case, the Big Thing that I’m doing  next year was sort of announced at the Kendal Mountain Festival last week.

All I’m saying here is that I’m going to be buying a new sleeping bag.

The Kendal Mountain Festival is a brilliant event, by the way. If you have chance to go next year you really should. Loads of cool films and events all about outdoorsy, epic and generally bloody impressive stuff. Not just mountain biking – if climbing, canoeing, skiing, camping out on mountains or just being outside is your thing you’ll love it. Kendal was buzzing last weekend.

There was a 10K run as well – Debbie and I braved the wintery conditions and took part – you can read about that on the Team JMC blog.

That’s all for now!