2016 review (mostly) in pictures

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So many people to thank for all of this – everyone at Jungle Imports and Santa Cruz for the support and amazing fast mountain bikes, Phil at Scott Sports UK for the bike that helped me win Revolve 24, Team JMC, Tom and the staff at Exposure Lights, Nils at Lyon for the brilliant Ortlieb bikepacking gear, Stevie at 2 Pure for keeping me stocked up with go-go-food, Chipps, Hannah and the gang at Singletrack Magazine for giving me chances to do cool things with very cool things, Steve and all at Islabikes, Phil Evans and Kate Hobson for the Sri Lanka experience that I’ll never forget, Sri Lankan Airlines for the Business Class flights with curry, all the curry chefs who’ve fed me in 2016, The Sleaford Mods, all my mates and to everyone out there that’s shouted ‘go on Jase’ from the side of a road or muddy field somewhere for the past 12 months.

No thanks to – angry French thugs, Spanish trains, crappy injuries.


2 thoughts on “2016 review (mostly) in pictures

  1. Almost gave up for a cameo till one of the last pics. Taylor is heart broken she didn’t make a shot…

    • aah well the photos are in a random order, if you refresh the page they get jumbled so you never know, you might get into pole position. I searched and searched my hard drive for a photo with Taylor in …

      …besides, I love you guys in ways mere photographs can’t express. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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