Simon rides the 3 Peaks CX

I’d heard that this was tough, but I didn’t expect it to look quite as tough as that. We took up our position near the foot of Pen Y Ghent at a suitably interesting rocky bit.

The riders started to appear as they commenced their final ascent of the race. Some of those lead riders were really caning it.

Simon pops up a lot earlier than I was expecting and grunted as I heckled.

Then the riders started to come down the mountain whilst there were other riders still doing the climb. This looked about as dangerous as it gets. A line of very tired riders climbing up in the face of a load of riders flying down the rocky slope with little in the way of brakes. Add in a few walkers and dogs and you’ve got a proper spectator sport, I tell thee.

If I’m lucky and I get the entry form in promptly, I’m hoping to have a do at this myself next year. Deb’s overjoyed 😉


Not far now!

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