Fore! Woof! Bugger off!

Only a short ride through the local woods, just checking the Patriot’s tickety-boo for this weekend’s trip to CYB. Along the old railway, climbed up the cheeky path to Giant’s Seat where I was chased by a dog and almost hit by a golf ball…then dropped down through the woods.

I’m no fan of MX’ers, but some of the trails they’ve built using pure wheelspin are a joy to ride. Little jump at the top, followed by big rooty section, hold the line between the 2 trees, lean back to cross the rut then lean it over left then right. Emerge heroically in front of dog walking family. In hindsight, a reet northern, “Howdo” might have spoilt the overall “freeride god” effect.

I didn’t think about new cars for the whole time I was riding.

Remembered camera J

MX trails rock