Urgh. Running.

So happy

Started running again this morning cos I’m just not getting out on the bike as much as I’d like to. My first run for several weeks, in fact. I need to do this for the fitness it provides, but that’s not to say I enjoy it too much.

The dog loves it though.

I’ve started small, and I’m going to work my way back up. I’ve got a duathlon pencilled in later on in Winter (oop Calderdale way) so I’ve something to aim for. I’m also thinking of how many fell races I can fit in next year. Quite a few, I reckon.

My legs are hurting now though.

7am I’m up, then out with the dog down to the woods for some slip slide action in my pumps. Down through the Clough and session the big hill* a few times before completing the loop and heading off home. Won’t be long before I’m doing 1 hour runs before breakfast.

Then I’ll start doing it with an over-the-shoulder-cyclocross bike. Maybe.

*not that big in all honesty

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