Fore! Woof! Bugger off!

Only a short ride through the local woods, just checking the Patriot’s tickety-boo for this weekend’s trip to CYB. Along the old railway, climbed up the cheeky path to Giant’s Seat where I was chased by a dog and almost hit by a golf ball…then dropped down through the woods.

I’m no fan of MX’ers, but some of the trails they’ve built using pure wheelspin are a joy to ride. Little jump at the top, followed by big rooty section, hold the line between the 2 trees, lean back to cross the rut then lean it over left then right. Emerge heroically in front of dog walking family. In hindsight, a reet northern, “Howdo” might have spoilt the overall “freeride god” effect.

I didn’t think about new cars for the whole time I was riding.

Remembered camera J

MX trails rock

Simon rides the 3 Peaks CX

I’d heard that this was tough, but I didn’t expect it to look quite as tough as that. We took up our position near the foot of Pen Y Ghent at a suitably interesting rocky bit.

The riders started to appear as they commenced their final ascent of the race. Some of those lead riders were really caning it.

Simon pops up a lot earlier than I was expecting and grunted as I heckled.

Then the riders started to come down the mountain whilst there were other riders still doing the climb. This looked about as dangerous as it gets. A line of very tired riders climbing up in the face of a load of riders flying down the rocky slope with little in the way of brakes. Add in a few walkers and dogs and you’ve got a proper spectator sport, I tell thee.

If I’m lucky and I get the entry form in promptly, I’m hoping to have a do at this myself next year. Deb’s overjoyed 😉


Not far now!

Winter Hill and Witton Weavers ride

Rode up through Bolton via a few cheeky offroad shortcuts (mind the fly tippage!), into Horwich and up Winter Hill. Dropped down the other side to Belmont (yyyeeeeaaaaarrgghhh!) then over the moors back towards Ramsbottom, then home.

37 miles in total, not a bad day out.

Forgot camera L

Darwen Singlespeeders meeting…

Simon, John and I with 3 gears between us. I’m running 34:16 and not the traditional 32:16 and was more than a bit concerned, given that I’d not really ridden the SS on any “proper” hills before.

So imagine how pleased I was when I nailed all of em. Reet chuffed I were.

Forgot camera L


So last night’s ride consisted of a trip to the farmyard to feed Merrick, our elderly horse, then back through Heaton Park. I was surprised at the number of little kids in the park, in the dark… I’m starting to sound like Desree:

I’m afraid of the dark
Especially when I’m in the park
When there’s no one else around
Oh I get the shivers
I don’t wanna see a ghost
It’s the sight that I fear most
I’d rather have a piece of toast
Watch the evening news