Gods of tri

So I’ve been training a fair bit recently. Quite well structured too, but I’ve found that I’m just not spending enough time at home with Deb, Rach and Syd for my liking.

So….I’ve got a new plan. This involves loads of riding and loads of running, but a lot of it in the early morning or on the turbo trainer. It does mean though that I turn into even more of a hermit but at least I’ve a plan I can stick to that’s flexible enough to accommodate those whacky random things that sometimes just happen.

The whole focus at work seems to be moving towards a triathlon event in summer next year. Now, I’ve seen many people over the years boast how they’re going to beat so and so in such and such a race, but I’ve learned that the best policy is one of dignified restraint. You can talk a good race all day long, but that’s time I’d rather be thinking about my next training ride/run or what food I need to be eating right now.
There’s a lot of pretenders in this world who’ll rather try to push the psychological to the limits even if you’re just not listening.

Quietly (or as quiet as I can be when publishing this on the Internet), I’m pretty confident. I’ll do the bike leg (cos I reckon I’m pretty good), Rob will do the run (cos he’s a pretty handy half marathoner) and Wendy – cos she’s done a bit of swimming and her confidence will build.
More updates on that one over the next 8 months.

4 thoughts on “Gods of tri

  1. Got a decent tri team there mate. Could only choose ours from the Directors, so the third choice was tough – in the end we went with Tim.

    Most likely Nick will do the swim as he as got plenty of previous. I will probably do the run – should be good for a sub 20 5K. Tim will be hunting you down (lol) on the bike. He has just had a Claude Butler road bike delivered.


  2. We were going to have some “fun” with Tim’s bike, but alas he’d already put it in the car….

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