Roads and rocks

Went for a long-ish ride on the Patriot yesterday in the White Peak. This is a route I’ve done many times before and consists of mainly tarmac climbs and rocky conveyor-belt downhills. The last time I was up here I was on a hardtail, but this time I couldn’t be bothered with finesse and high levels of skill and wanted just high speed instead.

Three Shires Head

 The hightpoint was definately the drop down Cumberland Cottage. It would have been Charity Lane if it wasn’t for those pesky kids.

Forgot about the clocks going back and ended up racing against the sunset through Macc town centre.

 The route is basically this one:

…with an extra loop added to the start and finish. Start at Trentabank, climb through the forest and up the long drag to the Cat and Fiddle..then join this route.

Going back, drop back to the forest via the C&F again (get to about 40mph on the road) then through the forest. You can even add the section through Macc town centre to my Mum-in-Laws. Ahem.