This year’s manouvres

So I’ve kind of decided what my racing activity is going to be this year. I’m intending nailing the running this time and aiming to do a few fell races, including Aggies Staircase, Two Lads and Bull Hill. I’ve only mentioned them cos they’ve got cool names.

Anyhoo, the main even this year is the Grand Raid Cristalp. Regarded as one of the best and toughest mountain bike races in the world, 130-ish kilometres in the Swiss Alps and very much a rite of passage for any serious mountain biker. I’m really looking forward to this now and there’s a possibility that me and Simon will be taking our families. There’s plenty to do in Verbier, the place caters for thousands of skiers in the winter, so a big group holiday could be on the cards.

Before that, I’m doing the Fred Whitton Challenge. A monster of a road race in the lake district that includes all of the major mountain passes that you can think of.


This one just looks mental. Not only does it look like the toughest thing ever, but the last climb is the Hardknott Pass.

Some serious hill intervals on the cards, then.


Then there’s the 3 Peaks Cyclocross to think about. I’ve not much to say about this one until after the Cristalp, there’s only so much fretting about big climbs one can cope with.