First ride on the Uncle John ‘cross bike yesterday. I planned a route containing more road than off-road just to see how fast I could go. I rode the 20 or so miles to Horwich through Bolton and even though I’m running cyclocross tyres, I could not believe how quickly I was travelling. The climbs on the route were all sprinted up, the downhills and flat bits were taken at speed, hands in the drops, eyes streaming. By the time I got to Horwich I was almost running on empty and sweating like a Bangkok money lender. This thing just makes you want to get in the big ring and mash the pedals.

Anyway, I’d arranged to go to Nick’s to check over his brand new Trek road bike. He’s new to all this so just wanted me to check that he’d assembled it right (he had). Lovely bike too. Full carbon. I advised him to “lose the reflectors”.

From there I went up towards the Pike then dropped down the bridleway back into Horwich. That’s where I got the bike dirty. Bouncing down over the rocks was even more brutal than it is on the singlespeed – my eyes felt like they were going to bounce out of my head and I’m sure I was pulverising my wrists. It’s all good.


I’ve since ordered a roll of extra gel-padded bar tape and a new (comfier) saddle.

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  1. Here’s a plan: You can take Nick Ish out on some training rides. You on your UJ and him on his carbon-tastic. It’ll test his legs and lungs, and your self control.

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