it’s all going off fine style

I’ve had a hectic week. Not only have I painted my kitchen, put some shelves up, announced to far more people that I should have that Deb’s expecting again and done all my usual other shit but I’ve done some proper mileage on the bike(s). Road riding, offroad singlespeeding, running, big hill riding in the Lakes, I’ve done t’lot.

Anyway, yesterday’s Industrial Fell Biking-arranged ride in the Lakes was a bloody corker.


I came off a couple of times actually so “a bloody corker” is apt in more ways than one.


The climb up the Walna Scar road was steep and hard. Another for the “must go back to ride a few times before Cristalp” list. I enjoyed it actually, which made me feel a bit of a pervert.

The downhill is regarded as a classic, and it’s easy to see why. Switchbacks, VERY steep sections, billions of big rocks (that move), high winds, big views and a really nasty bit at the end (just before the twee little tearoom in Coniston).

The last part of the ride was that great undulating trail in Grizedale with views of Coniston Water.


As usual, more guff and pics from this ride from the older-than-he-looks Simon Jarvis on Industrial Fell Biking… 

On the way home I got a call from the VW dealer telling me the mid life crisis mobile has arrived! It’s being delivered on Saturday!

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  1. Didn’t know about Debs so congrats! And on the car too…
    BTW, “which made me feel a bit of a pervert” What are the chances?! ;0)

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