where did that year go?

It’s Rachael’s first birthday today. She’s celebrating it by opening loads of presents, having Dad take a day off work and take her to the swings and eating chocolate biscuits. Time really does fly, blink and you’ll miss the best bits.


The house is like a bombsite at the moment. We’ve got a joiner in who’s replacing all the doors and doing some other stuff that if I attempted them the place would look like a scene from a Vietnam film. John the joiner seems like a good bloke though – he’s doing all the bits normal folk wouldn’t think of, like making the edges of the door slightly rounded and actually making stuff look like it’s been done with the appropiate tools instead of my usual approach that involves mostly smacking stuff with a half brick.

Not much riding this week really. I’m supposed to be having a rest week next week but I’m cancelling it and I’m going to push hard instead.

Also this week I helped Budge spend a wedge of cash on an Inbred. He’ll have fun wid dat fo’ sho’. It’s a secondhand one, but looks like its in mint condition. New bikes are great.

2 thoughts on “where did that year go?

  1. Happy birthday Rachael from ‘Uncle Sparkle’! good to hear Budge has joined the club, so to speak. Bet it’s got gears though… ;0)

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