I’d planned a route over to Deb’s mums house “the long way round”. I rode it yesterday once I’d put the slick race tyres on the ‘cross bike. Middleton/Oldham/Ashton/Stalybridge (bloody big hill)/Glossop/Hayfield (even bloody bigger hill)/New Mills/Kettleshulme (ridiculously bloody big hill)/Bollington/Prestbury. 70-odd k’s altogether with 1300 metres of climbing. There was a headwind for the most part but the sun came out and it was just a nice ride (even the urban early bits). I made it to Kath’s in just over 3 hours including a stop for a ‘nana in Hayfield which wasn’t too bad I ‘spose.

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  1. You won’t after next Sunday. Knackered, possibly but not weedy!

    I did 180 and a bit miles last week, btw. Can’t really see me doing much above 200 in a week realistically.

  2. That was only 70K??? If I’d guessed I would’ve said 70-odd miles! It must be cool to be in such good nick that these distances just seem do-able.

  3. nah – definately only 70K. It’s a small island this, remember.
    Or have you forgot already?

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