Fell running rocks

Great fun last night. I did the Liver Hill race oop in Rawtenstall. Simon was there and my little sis had a go too. She’d apparently started nattering to some bloke on the way back down off the moor and I suspect that might have cost her a few places….hmmm. Still, I enjoyed the change and I’m definately feeling better on the climby bits. I lost my bottle a bit on the descent, especially the bit that was like running through a builder’s skip.

Simon did very well as usual. I’ll catch him one day. 😉

Following Simon’s mileage total for last week, I’m going to start my own running total. That’ll be fun. Up to now I’ve done one ride this week (if we’re starting on Monday). That ride was ONE MILE LONG because my chain snapped. A KMC BMX chain too. Bastard. I’ve got a few bikes as my loyal readers know, but I was too gutted to get another out of the stable and sulked instead.

After I’ve painted my downstairs loo in a bit I’m doing an intervals session on the turbo. That’s gotta be worth 20 miles at least! So that’s 21 miles by Wednesday. I’ll get a couple more rides in this week before THE BIG ONE on Sunday. Me and Simon are doing a recce of the Fred Whitton route. Well, we’re doing most of it including the hardest bits. My mapping software reckons it’s a total of 84 miles with 3500 metres of vertical. Gulp. That’s gonna hurt. The bit I’m most worried about is descending on a drop-barred bike down a 1 in 3 hill with a ditch at either side. I’m shitting it to be honest. 

1 thought on “Fell running rocks

  1. You definitely will catch me one day (as long as the Police don’t, first. Arf, arf…). Stick with fella, you’re getting better every time. I hope Dawn does a few more too, she did well for a first go.

    RE Sunday: S’funny, I’m more bothered about the climbs than the descents, but then I’ve seen some of ’em!!

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