I’ve started this week with a 10K-ish run offroad. I didn’t do anything at all yesterday as I’d earned the rest I reckon. I’ve started to enjoy running a bit more now that I’m able to do it in daylight and it isn’t as painful as it was a few weeks ago. Wait till the weather warms up though. That’ll sort me out.

My training plan for this week (week 1 of 4) has me losing my sanity and undercarriage blood supply on the turbo a couple of times and hopefully riding over to Darwen on Wednesday night. I’ll be running a fair bit too this week. Thank God for Ipods and barely-legal MP3 download sites.

At the end of the week (bank holiday!) I’ll be doing the Rivvy fell race with any luck and riding over to
Anglesey too. That’s a good 120-ish miles in the bank on top of the rest of the planned stuff and the “I’m just nipping out for a quick ride, Love” miles that one can do during a bank hol.

I’ll see how I get on anyway. The trouble with Easter is that I’m not very good at resisting chocolate.

The Easter Bunny hates you

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  1. Get some new stuff on here. I’m sick of reading this! ;0)
    Bring the camera on Weds night and I’ll try to make summat interesting happen (no guarantees should be inferred or implied by the previous statement).

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