Hey I’m back!

It’s been a few days since my last entry and quite a lot has happened. More road riding, a few days being completely and utterly ill in bed and a few fun rides in the woods and in the hills.

I’ve been helping out with some course design for a possible 12 hour endurance race in the woods near my house. Andy, the guy who lives on my street and is really driving this on knows Brant (who IS On One) and he’s already got the sponsorship in principle. The landowner discussions appear to be ticking along and the logistics (bogs and stuff) are all lined up and costed.

If it happens it’ll be next year but judging by the guys that are involved in this there’s going to be a lot of publicity and reasonably high-profile coverage.

I’ve made my mark on the route anyway, and I’ve set an unofficial course record of 40 minutes 😉

Last night I’d planned to ride from the house, meet up with Phil in Rammy then ride from there to Darwen where we’d meet up with Simon and John, thus giving me a 50 mile ride. Well, an issue at work meant that I was a bit late and only got as far as Ramsbottom. It was a good ride though. I made it up the Rake and Robin Hood’s Well on the singlespeed – just. My upper body got as much a brutal workout as my legs did whilst winching up the steep hills (Simon – they’re steep, before you say they’re not!).

Lovely evening too. Just look at that sunset!


The rest of this week I’ll be mostly running and turbo’ing…I’m taking Michael to Llandegla on Saturday and the plan is to ride with Budge on Sunday morning, early. That’ll be a long one if I have my way. Again I’m planning to ride from the front door and get an extra “free” 20 miles.