12 or so weeks to go until the main event. The Cristalp is starting to loom large and is becoming something I really need to start planning and increasing the training for.

I’ve been getting some road rides in before work a couple of days a week, doing a bit of running in the mornings too. Monday I got a long ride in, meeting Budge, Phil and Andy halfway ’round. Two sessions on the turbo earlier in the week and a ride around the Hit The North 😉 course earlier this evening are starting to crank up the fuzzy buzz in my legs. Some hill intervals early Saturday morning (before everyone’s up) and a ride around the MTL on Sunday on the singlespeed should see my mileage this week up near 200 miles-ish. Well, maybe 180. In future weeks I’ll try to squeeze 250 in a week, plus running.

I’m starting to really look forward to this now. It’s going to be ACE. FACT.


Phil riding “Spillipe’s Knee”, Holcombe.

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