sod the turbo

I’d planned to do a session on the trainer last night. It’s part of the plan and the weather’s been pants anyway. Yesterday, all of a sudden, the weather went good again. Lovely sunshine but not too warm, so I got the singlespeed out and did some hill reps instead. It was quite enjoyable considering on Sunday I was ready to sell the singlespeed or at least throw it in a bush and walk away.


 Today we’ve had a management planning meeting at Nick’s house in Horwich. Afterwards, we went for a run up and around Rivvy. This guy joined us – he’s a neighbour of Nick’s and he’s just a bit handy. check out his ranking for the steeplechase! At the commonwealth games in Manchester he lost out on a medal to 3 Kenyans and he’s got his eye on the Olympics next year. I didn’t see him sweating as much as the rest of us anyway. Nice fella, hopefully I’ll run with him again.