midweek mentalist route

I realised a few days ago, whilst looking at an OS map, that all I need to do to get to some proper big hills sharpish is to ride 10 or so miles from here on bridleways towards Rochdale to a main road that takes me to the bottom of Rooley Moor Road (rrrrr kid). So that’s how I started last night’s ride. Getting to the bottom of Rooley Moor was easy enough so I was pleased that I didn’t get lost in a chav estate or something. Then a long haul up the track, follow the pack horse trail at the top, through the quarry and down into Edenfield. What a great route that is. Proper pleased with myself I am. The Pennine Bridleway is but 10 miles from my front door and I can get there without being splattered by a bus (not much anyway).

Met up with Budge and Phil at Edenfield and off we went…back towards Rooley Moor. hmm. This is becoming a BIG ride on a Wednesday night. I’d already clocked 22 miles and now it looks like I’m doing another 20. We rode some cheeky paths around Greenbooth and returned a couple of hours later to the meeting point. Then I just needed to ride home. That’s another 12 miles following the old railway lines.

A rather unexpected 50 mile ride and 1500 metres of climb altogether. I got home rather late…