Just spent the last 2 hours dismantling and packing the bike into the Planet X bike bag. Seemingly miles of bubblewrap, pipe lagging and gaffer tape and a few acres of cardboard later and it’s ready for the baggage handlers.  Hopefully I’ve not left any vunerabilities and it’ll survive….


Pretty impressive item of luggage huh?

almost time…

One last ride on the FSR this morning to check all’s tickety-boo with the bike. In the last week I’ve fitted a new chain and cassette, new middle chainring, a full set of organic pads (these little Hope Mini’s overheat REALLY easily with the sintered pads – not too much of a problem in the UK but a likely nightmare in the Alps), new tyres and loads of spannerin’ and lubin’.
I’ve dug out a couple of bottle cages as I’m not bothering with a sweaty Camelbak for this one.
This afternoon I’ll be packing the bike in the HUGE bike bag after I’ve been to B&Q for some pipe lagging.


Twitchy bum time.