almost time…

One last ride on the FSR this morning to check all’s tickety-boo with the bike. In the last week I’ve fitted a new chain and cassette, new middle chainring, a full set of organic pads (these little Hope Mini’s overheat REALLY easily with the sintered pads – not too much of a problem in the UK but a likely nightmare in the Alps), new tyres and loads of spannerin’ and lubin’.
I’ve dug out a couple of bottle cages as I’m not bothering with a sweaty Camelbak for this one.
This afternoon I’ll be packing the bike in the HUGE bike bag after I’ve been to B&Q for some pipe lagging.


Twitchy bum time.

2 thoughts on “almost time…

  1. Hmm, likewise. Sadly broke a spoke on my ride so need to do some more fettlin’. I’ve also bought: cassette, chain, middle ring, bottom bracket, freehub body, 2 sets of pads, bars, grips, seat bag and saddle. Think you might be right on the bottle v Camelbak thang. I tend to get painful shoulders after wearing a ‘bak for a long time BUT I’ll need somewhere to carry stuff like waterproofs etc. Dilema.

  2. I’ve got a Karrimor Raid bumbag that I’ll be using. There’s room for all the essentials, food and 2 bottles and it doesn’t need to be super-tight to stay put. I tried to get everything in a seat pack but couldn’t so decided on the bummy.

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