tank bike

I’ve had enough bits and bobs in the cellar to build up a “winter hack bike”. The kind of bike that’s not got much to go wrong, that isn’t going to cost me a fortune every time I go for a long ride in hub-deep mud. So here it is. Tank Bike.

Deb gave me the frame in ’97 as a Christmas present. I hammered it for a few years then stripped it down and forgot about it. The finish wasn’t great any more so I got some camo tape from Ebay and tarted up the main triangle. It looks totally crap!

Fork, wheels, seatpost, stem, bars and chainset were all spares from past bikes. I had to buy a BMX chain and the rear sprocket from Charlie the Bikemonger and I used the chain tensioner Simon loaned me yonks ago. Mud tyres and mudguards complete the “ready for any weather-ness” of Tank Bike.
The chainring is a 36 tooth, which I thought might give me a gear that’s a bit on the high side (compared to the 32:16 on the Surly) but it’s spot on for around here. The local hills aren’t that big but this ratio is just right for making them a good challenge, the wide DMR bars also ensuring good “thrutchiness”. I can make the most of a shortish ride, anyway.

I went for a ride on it last night and despite the bommy night smoke it was a hoot. 36:16 is sooooo fast if you give it some beans….