tank bike

I’ve had enough bits and bobs in the cellar to build up a “winter hack bike”. The kind of bike that’s not got much to go wrong, that isn’t going to cost me a fortune every time I go for a long ride in hub-deep mud. So here it is. Tank Bike.

Deb gave me the frame in ’97 as a Christmas present. I hammered it for a few years then stripped it down and forgot about it. The finish wasn’t great any more so I got some camo tape from Ebay and tarted up the main triangle. It looks totally crap!

Fork, wheels, seatpost, stem, bars and chainset were all spares from past bikes. I had to buy a BMX chain and the rear sprocket from Charlie the Bikemonger and I used the chain tensioner Simon loaned me yonks ago. Mud tyres and mudguards complete the “ready for any weather-ness” of Tank Bike.
The chainring is a 36 tooth, which I thought might give me a gear that’s a bit on the high side (compared to the 32:16 on the Surly) but it’s spot on for around here. The local hills aren’t that big but this ratio is just right for making them a good challenge, the wide DMR bars also ensuring good “thrutchiness”. I can make the most of a shortish ride, anyway.

I went for a ride on it last night and despite the bommy night smoke it was a hoot. 36:16 is sooooo fast if you give it some beans….


paternity leave

I’ve been off for the last week or so following Eleanor’s arrival. It’s been quite relaxing really – we’ve been out for walks, we’ve been having breakfast in bed (me, Deb and the girls) and watching endless daytime TV. I’m on unpaid leave so Christmas will be quiet this year. It’s a worthwhile sacrifice though as a week off work is just not long enough. Deb’s absolutely fine and Rachael loves her new little sister.
Here’s a pic of my two lovely ladies: