one week to go

We were all out and about on the HTN course today, attaching signs to trees, building some ramps up a couple of big steps, fixing some grippy material to the lethal-when-wet boardwalks, meeting the mountain rescue lads and getting the marshaling arrangements sorted. Me and Michael did the work on the trail and we “tested” it once or twice too. Hopefully the rain next week won’t be so bad that we have to do it all again.

We’re getting very excited 🙂

2 thoughts on “one week to go

  1. Awesome event Mate! Loved it. Even managed to get my own “Tattoo” care of the bombhole. Clearly didn’t show it enough respect on the first few laps.

    You must do it again next year. We will sponsor although we may go for the “decking of death” instead.


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