Hit the North is a sell out

Our first go at organising a race and we’ve SOLD OUT. No more room. All full up. How ace is that? In fact, we’ve gone over our limit by about 40 people but we’re not bothered about that. Not too long ago we were thousands of pounds in the red and were considering scrapping it and walking away, now we can concentrate fully on making this a brilliant race and equally brilliant shindig instead of fretting about bike shops running out of entry forms, putting up posters, constantly plugging it on Internet forums and mithering MTB mags and websites for coverage. We’re also well on the way to be making some deserving charities very happy with some sizeable donations, providing we’ve not forgotten to buy something expensive 😉

Right. MBUK. I’m in this month’s issue. There I am, riding the bombhole with a Hit the North article underneath the photos (page 34 if you’re interested). Chris and I spent ages in those woods getting the shots perfect and they were quite rightly printed. But the article doesn’t credit him for the shots and they’ve paid him nowt. Not only that, they’ve lifted the text straight from our website. Shoddy. Shame on MBUK. However we may have got a few more entries this week off the back of that, so it’s probably done the job we wanted it to; I just thought they might have had a JOURNALIST or two working there for some reason. It is pretty cool to be in a mag I used to buy when I was a teenager though. And I got some free flip-flops.

Tonight’s ride was a good one. Warren and I rode some “new” trails nearby – loads of steps to ride down and nettles to get stung by. It was fun! I did feel a bit weary after this week’s attempts at getting back into running. Hopefully next week will be a bit easier (so I can run and ride harder, if that makes sense).