Just a bike ride

I rode up to Winter Hill earlier on the cross bike, up to Horwich through the badlands and up the tarmac climb, with the intention of riding down to Belmont Road on the “San Marino” downhill on the other side. I got stopped at the mast by some security blokes who wouldn’t let me go any further. Something to do with guys working near the top of the mast – I couldn’t see anyone though. I decided they must be covering up a UFO landing or something so turned around and rode back down the tarmac.

Then I went for a zip around some woods near Nob End.

3 thoughts on “Just a bike ride

  1. There is a diversion at the moment around the mast, you’re not allowed under it and security guys are strict! Maybe they thought your bike couldn’t cope? Anyway you just go right before where they close it off, follow first the flags and then the boggy path round, you’ll see all the tyre tracks!

  2. They are fixing the weather machine.

    It broke July 17th and got stuck in “Wiped clean by the wrath of God” mode.

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