MTFU and get used to it

Rain, hail, snow – I can cope with all those. In fact when it’s really hammering down I quite enjoy it – it makes me appreciate the warmth when I get home and makes me feel a proper tough nut when I’m out. I can grimace and picture how I must look to the soft gits in their cars. “Look at that hard b***ard”, they’ll all be thinking to themselves.

“Look at that blithering bloody idiot out on this remote unlit road at this time of night in this weather WEARING TIGHTS” is probably more accurate though.

But wind. Gah. I hate it. Last night’s road ride, only a 30 mile route, almost took an eternity. I enjoyed a tailwind for the last couple of miles but apart from that it was either full-on headwind or a sidewind that either tries to throw you into a ditch or under a truck. The flat-blade spokes on the bike definitely don’t help in a sidewind either.

I’m back into the habit of road riding again now. Whilst it would definitely help if I was able to ride after 7am or before 8pm, at the moment I can’t, so that’s that. Thank God I’ve got loads of really bright lights and an orange jacket.

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