I love a bargain. I find them hard to resist. I’ve found a couple of great ones in the last few days.

Retro cycling caps from Planet X – less than a fiver each. Mine arrived this morning and it’s ace; so ace that I might order another one, just because they’re cheap and nice. I’ve been after one for a bit as they’re just the ticket for keep your head warm at 5am on a winter’s morning. 

I was in our local Quality Save earlier (I know, it’s a bit scabby but it’s ok as long as you don’t make eye contact with anyone) and found a load of High 5 energy bars for 29p each, they’re normally £1.29 each! Ace. They’re not out of date but they are coconut flavour. I’m not bothered though…29p each!

I went for a run early this morning. Didn’t feel great. I’ve been running a bit this week but I’ve felt like crap every time. Perhaps it’s just that I’d not been running for ages…hopefully next week it’ll be less painful.