Dusk Till Dawn weatherwatch

For my second race in my Three Races In Three Weeks adventure I’ll be heading down to Thetford this weekend for Dusk Till Dawn, the ace 12 hour endurance race in the ace Thetford Forest that starts at 8pm Saturday and ends at 8am the morning after. At this point Michael is supposed to be coming with me and helping me through the event by tending to my every need each time I come back to the pit and absolutely not falling alseep. Not at all. Nope. No sleep. Help dad. No sleeping. None. Ahem.

Him being 16 years old, I’m half-expecting him to not come with me and tell me this news 10 minutes before we set off (although I’ve stocked up on cans of Monster, chicken, Reggae Reggae Sauce and bread rolls in an attempt to lure him down to Norfolk in a van with his dad instead of hanging out with his mates, some girls and beer).

If I end up going on my own (and I think I just convinced myself that I will be), whilst it won’t be ideal, I should be ok – I’ve got 15 or so bottles that I can fill with CLIF go-go juice before the race, I’ll put it all neatly on a table and I’ll just try to stay organised. I’ll have a spare bike and I’m pretty sure one of my fellow soloists who have a full compliment of pit helpers would help me out too, if I ask nicely 😉

It is ‘only’ 12 hours after all….

The weather? It looks like it might be a bit wet, windy and very muddy.