Time flies

Wow. Christmas. That came around really quickly and with it, a load of snow, ice and utterly mental low temperatures that have made riding hard, doubly HARD. I’ve been training as well as I can but nowhere near as much as I feel I should have been – I’m fighting a cold right now and the last couple of weeks have been hectic (completely outside the world of cycling) to say the least.

Despite all the distractions the Strathpuffer isn’t far away now and this time I’m racing in the pairs with Phil.

…which means that somehow I need to be quite fast…pairs racing means no hiding place, just flat out followed by rest/getting cold followed by flat out followed by rest….I’m sure I will be fast, but fast enough?

The Christmas holiday does give me some opportunities for rides bigger than my recent routine of short loops on the singlespeed and turbo training sessions so I’ll be giving myself a proper kicking in the next couple of weeks to squeeze a bit more ‘hard as nails-ness’ out of myself, then I’ll have a wee break (that’s Scottish, that is) before the massive journey north for that crazy, massive race up there.

All worries of race fitness are going to be ignored from now on. We are where we are and I’ll remember that killing myself at the ‘Puffer won’t do me any favours if I am to take things up a notch (or two) at next summer’s big endurance races. We’ll race hard, we’ll have a laugh and we’ll encourage Dave and Budge, both racing solo.

And don’t forget, you can add to Budge’s superb sponsorship total for Help For Heroes by clicking here (he has raised rather a lot of money). They more you give, the harder he will pedal.