The north got hit again

Another Hit the North organised, agonised over, sweated for and then executed with the kind of style and grace of a pig falling out of a moving train…nobody seems to notice though. Apparently as far as ‘my guests’, all 200 or so of them are concerned, it’s become something rather quite special over the last 3 years.

Seemingly universal approval from everyone – from the riders there for a laugh and a social to the guys who eventually get to stand on the podium (ok, 2 pallets and the spare wheel out of the van) to the helpers and spectators – there’s definitely something about this event that keeps making people feel good.

So I’ll keep doing it until everyone gets bored of it.

I’m not going to go on into loads of detail about it here, I’ll instead take the lazy route and pull together some of the riders’ accounts as and when they’re posted. My account would be weighed down with talk of insurance levies, traffic cones and barrier tape anyway – but I will say that there’s proof sometimes that if you work hard at something (and trust me, this was bloody hard work) it often ends up being very good indeed. A right bobby-dazzler, in fact.

Oh, and THANKS to everyone who helped out before, during and after. I love you all.

Blogs, comments, photos and a video all here (I’ll keep updating this list as and when people publish things so keep checking back)…

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