Movin’ on


Those of you that have seen the news on the On-One website will know already that I’m not riding for Ragley anymore.

The last two-and-a-half years have been pretty special – the amount of success, especially in 24 hour races, that I’ve enjoyed has been way beyond what I expected and the level of support I’ve had from the guys at Hotlines (Ragley UK distributor) has been exceptional.

In short, it’s been ace.

Things were all set to change though when Brant left Ragley and headed back to On-One. After a slightly rushed meeting in the Lee Quarry car park (complete with stealthy prototype), the decision was made to join in the fun (with Dave and also some new team mates) and ride for On-One and the newly-acquired Titus brand in 2012.

As usual, there’s a simple plan. Amazing new bikes. Loads more races. Big races, little races, daft rides. Fun. 🙂

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